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Price List

Standard Size Prints


Print Size:  Print Alone       Print + Mat           Print+Mat+Frame


4.6x6.6          $15                   $25(8x10)               $45(8x10)


7.5x9.5            35                     50(13x15)               80(13x15)

6.5x9.5            35                     50(12x15)               80(12x15)


10.5x13.5        70                     95(16x20)               135(16x20)

9x13.5             70                     95(16x20)               135(16x20)


12x18              95                    130(18x24)              175(18x24)

14x18              95                    130(20x24)              175(20x24)


16x20            125                    170(24x28)              225(24x28)

14x20            125                    170(22x28)              225(22x28)


20x24            175                     230(28x32)             295(28x32)     

16x24            175                     230(24x32)             295(24x32)     


23x31            235                     300(32x40)             395(32x40)

20x31            235                     300(29x40)             395(29x40)


30x40            325                     445(40x50)             565(40x50)

27x40            325                     445(37x50)             565(37x50)


32x48            375                     525(44x60)             660((44x60)^   


36x48            395                     ---------------              ----------------      







Panoramic Photographs


Print Size:  Print Alone    Print + Mat           Print+Mat+Frame


6x17              $70                  $90(12x23)          $125(12x23)      


9x25.5           120                    150(15.5x32)       195(15.5x32)


12x32            175                     225(20x40)         295(20x40)

12x42#          225                     300(20x50)         395(20x50)

17x50^          350                     425(27x60)         550(27x60)


21x60            475                    575(21x60)*        675(21x60)*


* Mounted and laminated

# Only certain panoramic images can be printed in this size.

^ This is the largest size print that can be matted.





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